Links (#229)

PROBUS Senior’s Club Celebrates A Decade Of Fellowship

Click HERE to check out the article on Bay Today.

Seniors’ Programs on Campus

Click HERE to check out some of the great programs that Canadore College’s “The Village” has for us seniors. Be sure to scroll down a bit to see their calendar.

Click HERE to go to the PROBUS Canada website where you can find lots of interesting and useful information about PROBUS.

The PROBUS Club of North Bay & District is operating under PROBUS Canada’s Standard Club Constitution, which you can find on their website under Run a Club / Club Administration / Standard Constitution. Our bylaws are adapted from their Suggested Club Bylaws and you can find them in the Minutes, Newsletters, etc. section of our website by clicking HERE.

The PROBUS Club of North Bay & District uses school bus cancellations as the trigger to consider cancelling its monthly meeting. You can check these cancellations by clicking HERE. A lot of time though they cancel school buses because the weather is forecast to turn bad during the day, or in consideration of their rural routes, so we more than likely won’t cancel our meeting. If we do cancel we’ll decide by 8:30 that morning and notify you in a box to the right of this screen, on the calendar, and via email.