This page contains a few tips about using this website.

  1. The pictures on the Welcome page scroll. You can jump to any one of them by clicking on the boxes across the bottom. You can stop the scrolling by simply putting your cursor on the picture.
  2. The pictures for each club initially display as “thumbnails.” You can expand any of them by double-clicking on the thumbnail. It’ll open a larger version of the picture in a “filmstrip” display. You can scroll back and forth through the filmstrip using the < and > arrows on the side, or start a slideshow by using the “Play” button. Press [Esc] to exit the filmstrip.
  3. I didn’t really want to display the calendar below on this page, and I don’t expect it to be of any “help.” But WordPress insisted on having it somewhere so here it is. You’re likely better off using the calendars under the clubs – i.e. #229 or #268. The default for the calendar below is #229.
  4. Here are some notes about the calendars on this website. I’ve tried to use a standard Event Naming Convention to identify which events are for which club, and which for both.
    • Events being run by one or both of our PROBUS clubs start with “PROBUS”
    • Events that don’t start with “PROBUS” are in the calendar for your convenience
    • Events run by the PROBUS Club of North Bay & District start with “PROBUS 229”
    • Events run by the Blue Sky PROBUS Club start with “PROBUS 268”
    • Events that are run jointly by both clubs simply start with “PROBUS”
    • If an event is in your club’s calendar then you are welcome to attend it
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