PROBUS 229 Book Club cancelled

March 19, 2020 all day
Morning Everyone
If, like me, you are glued to the world news, you will be expecting this email.
I think it is prudent to cancel or rather suspend the book club meetings.  
Much as I am really going to miss our lively discussions, I feel this action respects our medical community in its efforts to handle the onset of Covid19.   I want to support these social distancing recommendations because it is an action that I personally can take to help flatten the curve of this crisis.
 This possible over abundance of caution comes at no expense. We will have our meetings again, and eat, and argue, and laugh, and learn, hopefully by the time my daffodils are in bloom.
So, hunker down with a really good book, a cup of tea and a cookie. Don’t forget to tune in to Canada Reads all next week.
Finally, importantly, please don’t isolate from the group. Use our email access to send out your book critiques…get creative.  I would love to circulate your email comments about the Canada Reads books.